The name of "the Lady of Lebanon" has crossed the countries of the Orient and reached overseas. Wherever the Lebanese goes, he always mentions Lebanon and the "Lady of Lebanon", he seeks her presence in his home and work, his happiness and sadness, difficulty and prosperity, arrivals and departures. One of the most important events the shrine of the "Lady of Lebanon" has witnessed, is the 50th jubilee of its construction in 1954. It is also the hundredth anniversary of the establishment of the Immaculate conception dogma. During this jubilee, the Pope Pius XII sent to Lebanon his representative, His Eminency Cardinal Angelo RONCALLI who was elected later on by the College of Cardinals as the Pope John XXIII.

Since this historical Jubilee, there was an annual increase in the crowds who came to visit the shrine, especially in May, the month of the Virgin. However, how could this small sanctuary be wide enough to welcome the pious visitors.

Those in charge of the administration of the Sanctuary resorted to a temporary solution. They erected a tent made of plastic, wood, and zinc in the square of the Sanctuary where, for years, all the religious ceremonies were held during the month of the Virgin. Meanwhile, they were striving to free the neighboring lands. Thus, they bought a piece of land big enough to build a Basilic which would contain thousands of persons.


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