The Cornershone of the Basilic was installed by patriarch Paul Meouchy on 15 August 1970, after opting for an original and great plan, drawn by the architect Fouad El-KHOURY. The President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, the Papal Ambassador and a huge number of ministers, deputies, prominent figures and lots of people attended the ceremony. The association of Lebanese Maronite Missionaries in charge of the administration of the Shrine - along with an executive commission supervised the work through its general president Father Sassine ZAIDAN followed in 1971 by his successor Father Joseph Endary.

The Basilic was edified with God's help and the participation of the Lebanese believers and others. Since 1990, great celebrations started taking place in it. It can contain four thousand believers who can sit and admire the statue of the Virgin through a glass front of 20 meters with 42 meters height. The elevation of the dome of bells is of 62 meters.

The building rose high above the hill as a testimony of faith and loyalty and to fulfill a precious wish which preoccupied those who are near and far for a long time.

The Shrine of the Virgin Lady of Lebanon is a clear evidence of the worships of Mary which is deeply rooted throughout history. We have elevated it over the Summit of the mountain as a national and religious perpetual monument.

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