The small sanctuary and the pedestal of the statue were achieved by the end of 1907 by the contractor Ibrahim MAKHLOUF from Ain-El-Rihaneh and supervised by the general president of the association of Lebanese Missionaries, Father Chekrallah Khoury Archbishop of Tyr later on.

The monument (statue) is made in France from molded bronze. It has a height of eight and a half meters, a diameter of five meters, and weighs ten tons. It is, hence, unique in its beauty. The Virgin Mary stretches her hands towards the capital, Beirut, as if saying: "Come to me, oh believers, and satiate yourselves from my blessings".

The pedestal of the statue is built from natural stone. It has a height of 20 meters, a lower periphery of 64 meters and a higher periphery of 12 meters. To reach its top at the statue's feet, one has to climb a spiral stair case of one hundred and four steps.

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